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Have you ever dreamed of a silent sailing on the water surface, relaxing on a chaise lounge?! We did our best to make your dreams come true! This is a completely new experience!

Electric catamaran El-cat 350 was created as an alternative to water bikes. Modern technologies allow to create a totally new product for water recreation. Large cruising range, safety and good speed characteristics allow to use the catamaran in almost all water areas.

Comfortable chaise lounge of the catamaran El-cat 350 is designed for two adults and one child.

Speed of the catamaran is about 6 km/h. Fully charged batteries provide 4 hours continuous running.

El-cat 350 is equipped with an intuitive control system. Control buttons mounted on the right armrest of the catamaran for your convenience. Driving direction depends on the combination of pressing control buttons.

El-cat 350 will provide extra profit for distributors adding the standart set of beach activities, as well as attract attention of new and regular customers.

El-cat 350 will easily find its fans among people who like the water recreation. Easy control, attractive design, durable stainless steel frame, energy-efficient engines, low operating costs, safety on the water - these are the distinctive features of our catamaran.